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When “The Force Awakens” debuted in 2015, it had been more than a decade since a “Star Wars” movie had been in theaters.

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After graduating from LAMDA, Moyer worked in theatre for five years.

He worked with the National Theatre Wales, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Oxford Stage Company, work which included going on tour and playing Romeo in productions of Romeo and Juliet.

It stays with you, of course, if for 14 hours a day you're being accused of something you haven't done and you can't get your frustration out anywhere.

Whereas with a character like Hannibal, he's probably the happiest man I've ever played, even though he's doing horrendous things.

This story first appeared in the December 14, 2016 issue of Variety. Even if it can’t hit that lofty mark, the new film is still poised to make as much as $300 million globally in its first few days of release.

“Rogue One,” the story of a group of plucky rebel fighters who plot to steal plans for a deadly battleship, has a “Dirty Dozen”-in-space vibe that should appeal to fanboys the world over, but there are a number of reasons to doubt that it can match the popularity of “The Force Awakens.” For one, the film is the first of a series of planned spinoffs, existing outside the main saga of the Skywalker clan and residing chronologically between the original “Star Wars” trilogy and George Lucas’ prequels.

He then made the transition to television and film.

In August 2009, Moyer became engaged to actress Anna Paquin, who played Bill Compton's love interest Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood.

In other words, it’s something of an untested commodity, despite being nestled squarely in the world of Jedi knights and Sith lords.

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