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It originally broadcast shows, sports, journalism, comedies and plays.

In the 1950s, TV Record became recognized for their sports broadcasts.

In 1962 (when he began his first TV program), Silvio Santos produced his own programs on Tupi, TV Paulista and on Rede Globo beginning in 1965.

Soon enough, he started plans to have his own television channel.

Using the arrow keys, go to System Lock and press OK. You can enter your new 4-digit Locks PIN and select your desired ratings by using the left ( Press Menu on your remote to go to the Main Menu Go down to User Setup Using the arrow keys, go to General Setting and press OK Set the Time Out option to 10 using the left or right key Set the Time Zone to GMT- Press Menu on your remote to go to the Main Menu Go down to Manage Channel.

Using the arrow keys, go to Channel Favorite and press OK Scroll to the channels of your choice and use the OK key to select Use the FAV key to see your favorite channels This is a new secure mobile bill payment facility, that is available to all Bmobile and Digicel prepaid and post paid customers with a Republic Bank One Card or a Credit Card from ANY bank.

and MTV, along with frequent main stage appearances at major festivals such as Ozzfest, Download and even the mainstream Sziget Festival.

They have sometimes been perceived as Satanic by casual observers, Cradle of Filth's first three years saw three demos (Invoking the Unclean, Orgiastic Pleasures Foul and Total Fucking Darkness) recorded amidst the sort of rapid line-up fluctuations that have continued ever since, with the band having more than twenty musicians in its history.

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Rede Tupi, channel 4 in São Paulo, began operations in 1950.

An album entitled Goetia was recorded prior to the third demo and set for release on Tombstone Records, but all tracks were wiped when Tombstone went out of business and could not afford to buy the recordings from the studio.

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