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Bystanders watch as a prison van (centre) transporting British banker Rurik Jutting, accused of the murders of two Indonesian women, leaves the High Court escorted by a police convoy in Hong Kong in the city's biggest murder case for years After making a reference to the film Wolf of Wall Street, he said: 'How the f*** does a single man with no dependants spent more than one million (US) dollars in two years?

The answer is drugs and prostitutes.'At times, he closed his eyes and appeared to be performing breathing exercises, especially during a video recording of him torturing Miss Ningsih in the run up to her death, when he made a series of foul mouthed demands.

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It has free gay chat and dating, but it’s more than just a place for chatting and sharing pictures. Chat for free with gay guys no matter what you’re into, we’ve got all types muscled jocks, to scruffy bears, the boy next door, or that silver fox Daddy NEW SOCIAL FEATURES "Get Social" with the new & improved MR X social networking features: Follow Friends: MR X lets you ‘“follow” guys nearby or around the world, and you’ll get updates whenever the guy you follow posts new pics.

MR X is a total social experience…without your nosy Aunt. We’re a gay social network disguised as a gay dating app In real life, our friends and hookups mix. MR X is the first gay dating app that lets you socialize and cruise at the same time - like you would at a bar or club. Kinda like Instagram, just a whole lot sexier Unfiltered Fun: MR X isn't just about sharing "dating pics.” Our members can post photos from all aspects of their lives (from vacation pics to post-workout selfies) private and secure within the MR X community Use Hashtags: Start a trend by adding tags to all your favorite photos.Jutting, who worked in the Hong Kong office of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch in structured equity finance and trading, pleaded not guilty on Monday to two murder charges, with prosecutors rejecting his attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. In further clips, Jutting spoke about masturbation, drugs, prostitutes, and 'dark fantasies', and quoted from television series 'Game of Thrones'.He was also seen inhaling a substance through a white tube.Celebrities gathered in Hong Kong on Saturday for the nation's third annual amf AR gala.The lovely Charlize Theron graced the charity event in glittering black Yves Saint Laurent.Sadly as its a one off, us mere mortals won't be able to buy it - SOB!

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