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We hope your visit here will be entertaining, fun and a source of knowledge All members must be over the age of 18 Rule number one: There is no rule number one; we ask only that you be courteous and respectful of other members.The latest version of the Blind Cafe policies will always be posted at: be advised that this policy may be subject to change without notice.

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We hope your visit here will be entertaining, fun and a source of learning.

Please note that becoming a member on Out of Sight is free, and at no time will you be asked to pay to access any of our chat rooms, training, classes or events and games.You may not provide your username or password to any other individual.(a) When you enter our various chat rooms, you are expected to participate.No profanity is to be used and topics that may be considered to be strictly of an adult nature are not to be discussed in the rooms.Your user name and password are exclusively for your own use.While you need a valid e-mail address when you register, it is possible to change or delete this address in your profile once you have joined.

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